Southern Provincial Ministry of Education, Land & Land Development , Highways & Information

Resignation from the Sri Lanka Teachers’ Service

The letter of resignation is issued to the relevant teacher via principal by the Southern Provincial Ministry of Education. For that the following list of documents should be sent to the Southern Provincial Ministry of Education via the Zonal Director of Education and the Provincial Director of Education.
  1. Original copy of the application
  2. Original copy of the letter of first appointment as a teacher
  3. Certificate regarding audit queries and disciplinary action
  4. Certificate of handing over goods and equipment belonging to the government
  5. Certificate of incurring debited amount of money to the government
  6. Original copy of the certificate of incurring the salary
  7. Certificate of the acknowledgment of the facts in the 4.3, 4.3.1 in the section Ⅴ of the Establishment code
  8. Certificate of having no bonds or agreements with the government