Southern Provincial Ministry of Education, Land & Land Development , Highways & Information


Ministry of Education, Land & Land Development , Highways & Information


To be the excellent service providing leader among the provincial ministries in the fields of Education, land and land development, highways and information.


‘‘To provide optimal services to create a proud generation of skilled and proud people in the Southern Province, to improve the human management of state lands, to improve the provincial road network, to improve the living standards of the people, to create an environment and to effectively manage the physical, financial and human resources available for accurate local newspaper reporting. Necessary policy formulation, coordination and guidance‘‘

Top Management

Mr. Ranjith Yapa


Mrs S.B. Nanayakkara


Mr. K.G.K.S. Chaminda

Chief -Accountant

Mrs K.P.N.Tharangani


Mr.K.H.A.S. De Silva

Deputy Director- Planning

Mrs.Irosha Hinidumage

Assistant Director - Planning

Mrs. Medhavi Abegunasekara

Assistant Secretary

Mrs. K.A.N. Promodini

Assistant Secretary - Education

Mrs. W.V.C.J. Dilrukshi

Deputy Director - Education

Mr. W.B.C. Chamara

Administrative Officer