Southern Provincial Ministry of Education, Land & Land Development , Highways & Information

Appointing teachers in the Sri Lanka Teachers’ Service to the Teacher Advisors’ Service

The letter of appointment for the post of Teacher Advisors is issued to the relevant teacher by the Southern Provincial Ministry of Education. For that the documents listed below should be sent to the Southern Provincial Ministry of Education via the Zonal Director of Education and the Southern Provincial Director of Education.
  1. The age of the applicant should be below 54 years by the closing date of application
  2. Enrollment is done through the divisional, zonal, district and provincial level and the applicants should be the permanent residents of the particular division, zone, district or the province
  3. The applicants should be the teacher of Sri Lanka Teachers’ Service Grade 1 or Grade 2 -Ⅰ, when sufficient applications are not received for aesthetics, Information Technology, Islam, Health and Physical Education, Drama and Theater, Guidance and Counseling, Practical Technological Skills, Tamil those who have 10 years’ experience in Teachers’ Service Grade 2 - Ⅱ are expected to enrolled.
  4. The applicant should be a graduate with 5 years teacher training or a diploma holder with 10 years’ teaching experience
Special Qualification
  1. Islam :- In addition to the above listed basic qualifications, the applicant should pass the Al-Alim Examination or a bearer of Maulavi Certificate.
  2. Tamil :- In addition to the above listed basic qualifications the applicant should passed the G.C.E. Ordinary Level exam with Tamil in Sinhala medium.